Update Vyatta to V6.5

This update is tested on V6.3 and V6.4, before you start look at your current version with the show version command.

1. Be sure that your not in the configure mode
2. Add system image http://www.vyatta.com/downloads/vc6.5/vyatta-livecd_VC6.5R1_i386.iso
3. Signature check, fill in yes
4. What would you like to name this image ?, just hit enter here
5. Would you like to save the current configuration directory and config file? ” If you want to keep the current settings, fill in yes else you can fill in no”
6. Would you like to save the SSH host keys from your current configuration ?, fill in yes if you want to keep the keys no if they can be removed
7. typ reboot and hit enter, after the reboot the installation will be done

Vyatta update config

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  1. Eduardo March 1, 2016 at 19:21 Reply

    mrjester, you’ve done an excellent job.I’ll use this small trick in my cunrert datacenter project.BTW I’ve placed Continue reading in the center of your post,hope you don’t mind.Thanks!

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