Update MKS Backup on Windows

MKS Backup is a free VMWARE ESX(i) backup solution based on GhettoVCB.
To update the package do the following.

1. Make a backup of your old installation folder.
2. Download the latest version of MKSBACKUP (http://www.magikmon.com/mksbackup/download.en.html)
3. Run the downloaded mksbackup.exe
4. Hit enter to continue (be sure you have a backup of your old mksbackup folder) 1

5. Check if you the installation directory is the same where your mksbackup is stored. To update mksbackup the installation directory must be identical to the previous installation folder.2

6. Hit enter and you will be good to go, when you run MKSBACKUP you will see it has been updated to the latest version.

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