Configure Cisco Nat

Configure Cisco Nat on a Cisco 1841 router

For this example I used the following setup


The configuration below is for R2

1. enable
* User Privilege Mode*

2. conf t
*Configuration Mode*

3. interface fa0/0
*Interface fa0/0 configuration mode*
4. ip address dhcp
5. no shutdown
6. ip nat outside
7. exit

*Back in Configuration Mode*
You can share NAT with the other interfaces by placing the ip nat inside commando on them.

8. interface se0/1/0
*Interface se0/1/0 configuration mode*
9. ip address
10. no shutdown
11. ip nat inside
12. bandwidth 10000000
13. exit

*The bandwidth commando will improve the internet connection between the devices*

14. interface se0/1/1
*Interface se0/1/1 configuration mode*
15. ip address
16. no shutdown
17. ip nat inside
18. bandwidth 10000000
19. exit

*Back in Configuration Mode*

20. access-list 10 permit
21. ip nat inside source list 10 interface FastEthernet0/0 overload

If you use OSPF you have to use the  default-information originate commando to share the default route

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