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Asus ME172V usb not recognized

Asus MeMopad ME172V usb device is not recognized This is not a driver problem. You have to do the following:… Continue reading »

Add python to system path windows 7

How to add python to the system path in windows 7 1. Hold Win and press Pause. 2. Click Advanced… Continue reading »

Litecoin failed to read block

Litecoin wallet failed to read block This problem can be fixed easily by re-indexing all the blocks. 1. Open the… Continue reading »

Windows 8 enable thumbnail

windows 8 thumbnail view By default windows 8 and windows 8.1 disable thumbnails and only display the imageviewer icon. The… Continue reading »

ADB Copy file to android device

Push a local file to a android device with ADB #1 Download ADB #2 Open the command prompt and… Continue reading »