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Cisco Access Point install new IOS

Cisco Access Point install new IOS On a Lightweight IOS: – debug capwap console cli   <- without this line… Continue reading »

Cisco Access Point IOS images

Cisco Access Point IOS images There are three types of Cisco Access Point IOS available. These are the: k9w7 –… Continue reading »

Cisco standalone access point

*Cisco 1142 standalone access point *Cisco 3502 standalone access point *Cisco 1142 autonomous access point *Cisco 3502 autonomous access point The following… Continue reading »

Cisco LWAPP enable configure terminal

By default the Cisco LWAPP access points have disabled configure terminal. The following command will make configure terminal available again…. Continue reading »

Configure cisco ospf IPv6

Configure cisco ospf on a cisco router with IPv6 For this example I used the following setup R1 1. enable *… Continue reading »