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Tar option summary

The basics: x – extract files c – compress files t – list files v – verbose (list files as… Continue reading »

.htaccess redirect domain to subfolder

This example can be used to redirect domains to a sub folder. For example:  and are redirected to… Continue reading »


OpenToday is a program you can use on your website to view the opening hours of the day. It is… Continue reading »

How to create an iPhone favicon for your website

To create an iPhone/Ipad/Ipod favicon or webicon for your site, you’ll want to create a 57×57 PNG file. Save it… Continue reading »

Font Conversion Table

Courier New, Courier, mono, monospace Font Size 1 7pt 9px .55em x-small 10px .6em H6 8pt 11px .7em 9pt 12px… Continue reading »