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Windows Phone 8 add multiple languages to the store

When I uploaded my file with the default configuration it kept saying that the only language my app supported was english. I found out that you have to add the languages your app support to the WMAppManigest.xml





Python regex Filter

The following example replaces values in a textfile with pyhon.


Python regex filter script



HP Switch set startup config

HP a series Switch

Verify which file is the startup config file
display startup

Set startup.cfg to be the configuration that is booted on startup
startup saved-configuration startup.cfg main

Phonegap Windows Phone 8.1 Disable Lock Screen

To prevent your Windows Phone 8.1 from locking out the screen while running your code, you have to do the following:

#1 Open your WP 8.1 phonegap project

#2 Click with your right mous button on MainPage.xaml and choose View Code

#3 In the public function named: MainPage() you add the following line:

#4 Save the code

The mainpage function will look like this after you added the line of code: